St Pius X Church, Madukkari

St Pius X Church, Madukkari

Church Location

Rev. Fr. M. J. B. Hyacinth - The Parish Priest, St. Pius X (R.C) Church, Madukkari P.O, Coimbatore-641 105


From 1920’s as soon as one hears of the name “Madukkarai” mentioned, two things would immediately flash before his mind: 1. The Army Head-quarters and coiony, from the good old British days 2. The ever black (but now more whitish) smoke-belching towers of the Cement factory situated there and covering everything all around for miles with a coat of its whitish cement particles: for six months every thing to the west and for the next six months to the east, according to the change of Monsoon winds! No wonder, none of the Parish Priests (and of course the people all around) have never enjoyed good health due to the cement factory!

In its inception it was a substation of Podanur. In 1942, during the World War II, the Military camp became important,and on Sundays Mass was said in the camp, by the priests-in-charge ol St. Joseph’s Industrial school, being its chaplains. From 1946, a Baptism Register was kept there itself and in 1953, it became a separate parish. With a view to building a churh, the MEP fathers’ had purchased six acres of land near the Railway lines and thc Cement factory at a cheap rate. The foundation for the new churd was laid by Bishop Savarimuthu and the church was blessed or 18-11-1959. Fr. G.M. Kulandaiswamy, looked after the parisk (1960-’6I) from Coimbatore as there was no presbytery. Thc presbytery was built during the time Fr. S. Saveriar (196 1-62). Fr. Regis M. (1962- ) a belfry was constructed as a memorial oi the 50th death anniversary of St. Pius X with a bell at a cost ol Rs.3500. In 1984 the SilverJubilee of the church was celebratec and in remembrance of it, the sanctuary was remodeled with a new altar and the nor then compound wall was built around thc Church. In 1974, Fr. Louis Pichai, at the encouragement oBf isho1 Visuvasam, who was encouraging in such ventures in the parishes started an Englih Nursary School so that the school will bring air income as well as keep the priest busy. But during the time of Fr. Kulandai Raj, St. Pius X English Medium School was handed over to the Presentation Convent who had started their convent there. The Rosmanian Congregation had bought a large piece of land at Rottikaranur, for their Novitiate, in April 1996. St. Ann’s Convent (Hydrabad) have also opened their convent and started St. Ann’s Matriculation School there. Fr. M. Jesudas has constructed the compound wall for the whole length of the boundary, since the Railways, of all the people, are trying to encroach from their side.

Substations :

I .Kande Goundan Chavadi, situated at the border between Tamilnadu and Kerala. It was an ancient historical place, as the check-post on the main (and the only) route to Kerala and Calicut. That is how Coimbatore Fort had such a strategic importance! During Ryder Ali-Tippu Sultans’ time, many battles had been fought here and the Palghat Fort was constructed on the other side of the border by Ryder Ali. In one of his Malabar campaigns, Ryder and his army could not get past the armies of Arneen Sahib, at Chavadi, but the Mysore General Seenivasa Rao sought the help of the Palaiyakaran of Puravipalayam, Gopanna Mandradiar, who took them to Kinnathu Kadavu and showed them the other ancient route by-passing Chavadi and thus Hyder could easily reach Palghat and capture it.

As for the presence of Christians here, it is of very receni origin. It was attached as a substation to Sorapparari and then tc Walayar. At Kande Gounden Chavadi, Fr. A. Francis (1938-I942 form Sorapparai, converted some families and Fr. A.j. William (1951-53) from Walayar baptized another 5 families, who ha settled down here from Chokkanur. A small chapel in honour o St. Joseph was built and Sunday Mass is celebrated there. Recenti) a new chapel was built there, blessed by Bishop Ambrose.

2. Thirumalayampalayam : Fr. A.J. Williams was frequentl visiting this village and was helpful to the poor. Fr. P. Irudayan (1953-1956) baptized 9 families. This substation had beer transferred to Madukkarai parish.

Main Station

Distance from the Cathedral Church : 12 K.Ms.

Total No. of Catholic Families both in the Main & Sub - Stations : 250

Total No. of Catholic Families in the Main Station : 215

No. of Catholics in the Main station : 2000

Mass Timings

Weekdays : 6.OO p.m

Sundays 6.15 a.m & 8.15 am

Religious Houses :

1. Rosminians 0422 - 2656341, 265649

2. St.Anns Convent ( Hydrabad) 0422 - 2623111

3. Presentation Convent 0422 - 2623404

Religious Institutions :

1. St. Anne’s Mat. School 0422 - 2623883

2. St. Pius English medium School 0422 - 2623111

Lay Association :

1. Vicent De Paul Society

2. Catholic Association


1. K. G.Chavadi

Distance : 5 K.Ms.

Families : 35

Catholics : 500

Mass Timings : Sunday 7 a.m

Patronal Feast : August 21st , St. Pius X th.

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