St.Lourde's Church, Lourdhupuram

St.Lourde's Church, Lourdhupuram

Church Location

Rev. Fr. Victor Santhiago- The Parish Priest, St.Lourde's Church, Lourdhupuram, M.V.Palayam Post, Via Avinashi- 641 655.


This Mission was part of Avinashi mission, with villages like Papankulam, Naduvacheri (evangelized by Fr. Audiou) Thandukkaranpalayam (now known as Lourdupuram), Valayapalayam, Alathur etc were evangelized by Fr. A. Soàsai and his Successors of Avinashi. When Lourdupuram gained importance as a pilgrimage center since 1947, this area, with most of the sub-stations of Avinashi, was created as a new parish in 1956 with Fr. M. S. Michael as the first Parish Priest.

During the time of Bishop Ubagaraswamy (1940. -49) a plot of land was bought here in 1947. While digging for the foundation for a Church, water suddenly gushed out, which seemed to have healing powers. Thus crowds began to visit this place. Fr. S. M. Royappan from Avinashi built a Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes there andit was blessed on29 - 5 - 1949. Mr. A. Francis( of Francis Motor works, Coimbatore) generously donated for it. It started attracting devotees from all parts of the Diocese, especially on first Saturdays. With the donations of devotees and contribution from the diocese, a Church was built and blessed by Bishop Savarirnuthu on 8 - 2- 1953. A work- shed for mat weaving was put up and a co-operative society for the mat- weavers started.

A Christian housing colony for the new Christians, consisting of 20 houses was constructed by Fr. Gurusamy, was blessed on 13 - 2-1997 by Bishop Ambrose and on 7-4 -2001 another row of 35 houses, helped by CMSSS was blessed. An Arch was constructed on 12-2-1978 and a new presbytery was blessed on 25 - 1- 1983 by. Bishop Ambrose. A new chapel in the colony was blessed on 9 - 9 - 1988, and a roadside Grotto of Infant Jesus was blessed In July 2003. The stage was renovated at the same time.

At Amali Nagar, (Cheyyur) the Brothers of St. Michael have started an• ITI in memory of Bishop Ambrose, to develop the people of this vast region, in technical skills so that they can find jobs. Bishop Ambrose blessed it in 1999. There is also a Creche “Udayam” started and run by the CMSSS, in the same place. A new church to replacc the old one was constructed and blessed at Cheyyur. Cheyyur is an ancient historically important place, ruled by Kongu Palai Vellalars during the 9’’ 3’ centuries with temples of historical inscriptions of that period.

Main Station

Distance from the Cathedral Church 60 Kms.

Total No. of Catholic Families both in the Main & Sub- Stations : 170

Total No. of Catholic Families in the Main Station : 115

No. of Catholici in the Main station 400


Weekdays : Mon to Sat 6.30 a.mor 6.45 p.m

Sundays. : 8.15 a.m.

Religious Houses : 1. St.Michael’s Brothers (Cheyyur)

04596 - 2807500

Religious Institution : 1. Bishop Ambrose I.1’I. (Cheyyur)

04596 - 2807500

Patronal Feast : Second Sunday of Feb


1. Amali nagar

Distance - 10 Kms.

Families - 45

No. of Catholics - 150

Mass Timings - Sunday 6.30 a.m

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