St. Antony's Church, Komarapalayam

St. Antony's Church, Komarapalayam

Church Location

Rev. Xavier Cladious- The Parish Priest, St. Antony's Church, Komarapalayam Post, Via Nathakadayoor, Erode District- 638108.


This Christianity, known as Chennimalai Christianity in the early Jesuit era (1643 1790), is as old as Erode and Karur. Cbennimalai, being an ancient Hand-loom Weaving Center of coarse cloth as bed-sheets, towels etc., the Mudaliar Christians of this area, must have had trade connections with Madurai and Trichy, during the Nayak’s rule. Hence they might have been converted by Fr. Robert de Nobili or his Jesuits, about 1620. For, when Fr. de Costa, while on his way to Sathiamangalam in 1643, to start a new mission, at Erode he stayed for two weeks and he himself has recorded that he visited a nearby Christianity ( most probably Chennimalai Christianity) which had gone down in Christian fervour and morality, due to lack of missionary care, and that he had succeeded to revive it to its pristine state. Thus he seems to have been quite familiar with them even before his visit. Earlier he had been baptizing many at Trichy. Anyhow certainly from the 9’ century, Chennimalai with its triple Christian villages of Komarapalayam, K.G. Valasu and Palayakottai ( must be of a later origin) was looked after by the priests of Erode. Chennimalai was already a sub-station of Kanvakarai Residence. There were Chapels built in honour of St.Antony of Padua at Komarapalayam, of St. Sebastian of Palayakottai and of St. Francis Xavier at K.G.Valsu. According to the Statistics of 1859, Komarapalayam had 200 Catholics and a small chapel, while K.G. Valasu, had 120 Catholics and a small chapel. A new church was built at K.G.Valasu in 1946. In 1958, Komarapalayam was made a separate parish, divided from Erode, after the construction of a new Church and Presbytery at Komarapalayam by Fr. Pappu of Erode. Fr. A. Siluvai nather, was the first Parish Priest. Till the presbytery was completed, he stayed in a rented house at Perundurai. Fr. Joe Adaikalam built the compound wall, against great opposition from the non Christians of the village. Fr. Pius Savarimuthu built a new Church at Palayakottai in 1970. In 1994, a new presbytery was constructed by Fr. A. Edward. In memory of the goldenJubilee of the church at K.G. Valasu, the foundation for a new church was laid on 15.12.1996. It was completed and blessed by Bishop Ambrose on 02.12.1999. In 1998, a new chapel was blessed at Vinobaji Nagar, in honour of the InfantJesus of Prague. From the beginning of the 20th century, the Catholics of these 3 villages, had been migrating to the more accessible Handloom trading centers as Karur, Erode etc. Komarapalayam was chosen as Parish head-quarters, not because of its number of Catholics, but because of its central geographical location, equi-distant from K.G. Valasu and Palayakottai. Infact, the convent and Highei Elementary school are all located, at K.G. Valasu with a largc population of Catholics.

Main Station

Distance from the Cathedral Church : 95 Kms.

Total No. of Catholic Families both in the Main & Sub- Stations : 900

Total No. of Catholic Families in the Main Station : 15

No. of Catholics in the Main station : 60

Mass Timings

Weekdays : Mon,Wed 6.00 a.m

:Tue 6.00 p.m Mass & Novena

Sunday : 9.OO a.m

Religious House :

1. Presentation Convent.

Religious Institution :

1. St. Xavier’s Middle School

Patronal Feast: St. Antony of Padua, Sunday after the 13th June


1. K.G.Valasu

Distance - 4 Kms.

Families - 47

No. of Catholics - 200

Mass Timings - Thu, Fri & Sat 6.00 a.m

2. Palaya Kottai

Distance - 5 Kms.

Families - 70

No. of Catholics - 300

Mass Timings - Wed 6.00 p.m,

Fri 7.00 a.m

Sun 7.30 a.m

3. Vinobaji Nagar

Distance - 9 Kms.

Families - 17

No. of Catholics - 60

Mass Timings - Thur 6.00 p.m

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