Resurrection Church, Bharathi Nagar Ramanathapuram

Resurrection Church, Bharathi Nagar Ramanathapuram

Church Location

Rev. Fr. S. Ananda Kumar - The Parish Priest, Resurrection Church, Bharathi Nagar Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore- 641 045 .


Ramanathapuram, was one of the ancient villages surrounding Coimbatore town. It seems to have originated at the time of the Nayak Kings of Madura in the first part of the 16th Century, when the Nayak, realized the strategic importance of Coimbatore, as the gate-way to the Malabar region and built a fort at Coimbatore. To garrison the fort, he was sending Marava Soldiers whose place of origin was Ramnad. As wars ceased, they settled down to the east of Coimbatore in places like, Vadakalur (Savariarpalayam) and Vellalore and Ramanathapuram (so named in memory of their place of origin!). They took up their other original profession of cultivation. They became specialists in the cultivation of Beetle- nut groves (vettrilai kodikal). These people were Agamudaiars (or Thevars as they are called in this part), one of the 3 branches of Maravars (Mukkulathor now-a-days). They are Saivites. In the 17th Century, some from Ramanathapuram had settled down at Semmandampalayam (near Pallapalayam) and were baptized by the Jesuit Missionaries. Though they had become Christians, yet had kept up their relationshipwith their Hindu brethren o Ramanathapuram till the beginning of the 20th Century.The conversion seems not to have affected their social relationships!

As Coimbatore grew, some Catholics began to settle down in this area, but they were part of Puliakulam Parish. Uncharacteristically, these growing areas seem to have escaped the foresight of the Diocesan authorities, till it was too late. Perhaps, they were smug since there were Church lands, below Vallankullam and also at old Sungam!. So when they woke up, there was no land available on the Main Road, So they had to settle for a plot deep in the interior and that too not very large. The Parish Priests of Puliakulam, starting with Fr. M. Guruswamy, Fr. P. lrudayam and Fr. P. John Joseph worked strenuously to make :his area a separate parish and finally Fr. John Joseph, bought the Land, and put up a large modern church and a presbytery. Bishop Ambrose consecrated the church in honour of the Resurrection, in unusual name as the Church Patron, on 16.07.1995. Rev. Fr. . Marianathar was installed as the first Parish Priest. The Foundation for a Belfry was laid on 11 .04.1999 and Bishop Ambrose blessed it on 30.04.2000.

The only short-coming of this recent church to be built, is its location far away and deep in the interior from the Main Road so that it is not easily noticed nor easily approachable, with narrow, winding, muddy by-lanes!. Fr. Marianathar started a small Nursery School, but later it was closed. The majority of the Parishioners are well-to-do people, settled down from different areas and they are very generous.

The F.M.M. Sisters have started an Institution called ‘Anugragam’ and a Tailoring Institute. The Sisters of St. Ann (Madras) also have come in recently.

Main Staion

Distance from the Cathedral Church : 4 K.Ms.

Total No. of Catholic Families in the Main Station : 560

No. of Catholics in the Main station : 2700

Mass Timings

Weekdays : Mon, Wed and Fri : 6.30 a.m

: Tue,Thu and sat : 5.30 p.m

: From first Friday to second Saturday 5.30 p.m

Mass & Novena to Divine Mercy of Jesus

Sundays : 7.30 a.m 5.30 p.m (Tamil)

: 10.00 am (English)

Religious Houses :

1. F.M.M. : Anugragarn 0422 - 2314150

2. St.Ann’s (Chennai) 0422 - 2311908

Religious Institutions :

1. Tailoring Institute run by F.M.M. Sisters 0422 - 2314150

Lay Association :

1. Legion of Mary

2. Vincent De Paul Society

Patronal Feast: Sunday after Easter: The Risen Lord

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