Infant Jesus Church, Kovaipudur

Infant Jesus Church, Kovaipudur

Church Location

Rev. Fr. Antony Vinodh - The Parish Priest, Infant Jesus Church, Kovaipudur Post, Coimbatore-641 042.


Kovai Pudur or rather Kuniamuthur and areas south and west of Paighat Road was in the beginning attached to the Cathedral parish. Bishop Visuvasan-i was searching for a suitable site on the National High Way of this area, according to his grand plans but he died before it was realized. It was attached to Madukkarai Parish and since 5-10-1976 Sunday Mass was celebrated in a house, with the large Housing Colony for the Special Protection Force and civilian housing colonies mushrooming all over, a site was bought by the Diocese, with the picturesque back-drop of Velliarigiri hills to the west. With local contribution a small chapel was put up and blessed on 19-4-1984. Sensing the desire of the people to have the Novena of Infant Jesus of Prague, the weekly Novena was started on 15-8-1985. As the number of devotees was increasing, a new church was constructed by Fr. Kulandai Raj and it was consecrated on 4-6-1987 by Bishop Ambrose. On the same day Kovai Pudur was erected a new Parsh with Fr. P Irudayaraj as its first Parish Priest. As it was the policy of the Bishop, the prosbytery with the sacristy with toilet facilities and the old chapel, converted into a dining hall-curn-kitchen! A temporary building for the Seminarians attending the College course was put up and Fr. Manthara was its Rector. Later it was shifted back to the Minor Seminary premises of Coimbatore. By the side of the church attached parallel to it, a spacious open-air hall with overhead roofing was constructed (to accommodate the devotees), by Fr. Lourdu Irudayaraj, and blessed by Bishop Ambrose on 12-01-1997. A new Bell-tower was earlier built by Fr. P. Irudaya raj and was blessed by Bishop Ambrose on 8-9-93. Finally a new separate Presbytery was built by Fr. Lourdu lrudayaraj and blessed on 23-09-2001, by Bishop Ambrose. A new Grotto was built and blessed on 6-1 1-2003. During the time of Fr. Loudu Irudaya raj a Grotto of Calvary was constructed and blessed by Bishop Ambrose. Fr. Dhanaskar with his tirless efforts built the Stations of the Cross with life - like statues in the year 2005 and it was blessed by Bishop Thomas Aquinas. Rev. Fr. Dhanasakar with the collection from We devotees and from the parishioners is constructing a building as “Thottil Kulandai” (to encorage the parents to lay their children a cradle to get the special blessings of infant Jesus). A Grotto ol Our Lady Loudes was constructed at Kuniamuthur and was blessed by then Mgr. R.D.E.Jerorne in the year 2004.


Distance from the Cathedral Church : 9 K.Ms.

Total No. of Catholic Families both in the Main & Sub- Stations : 750

Thtal No. of Catholic Families in the Main Station : 150

No. of Catholics in the Main station : 1000

Mass Timings

Weekdays : 6.30 a.m & 6.00 p.m

Thursday Novena Mass & Benediction

11.30 a.m, 4.30 p.m. & 6.00 p.m

Sundays 8.00 a.m & 11.30 am

Lay Association

1. Charismatic Group

2. Altar Boys Association

Patronal Feast : Second Sunday of January

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