Church of Our Lady of Carmel

Church of Our Lady of Carmel

Church Location

Rev. Fr. R. Pichaimuthu - The Parish Priest, Church of Our Lady of Carmel, Pasupathipalayam, Karur- 639 004.


Fr. Benedict de Costa, who on his way to Sathiamangalam bo start a new Mission, stayed at Karur to minister to the old Catholics and also converted a Yogi and his followers.

The Christianity of Karur and Nerur were existing before 1640, comprising mostly of Adi Dravida community, baptized at Tirichirapally or Madura in 162O’s. About the year 1800, 15 Catholic families from Purathakudy, 10 families from Kalkavery (Salem), 6 families from Tanjore came and settled at Pasupathypalayam, on the eastern banks of the river Amaravathi. It was a substation to Dharapuram from where the priests used to look after the spiritual needs. In 1855 there was a small chapel and a presbytery with 50 Catholics at Pasuvai. On feast days and important days, the fathers of the Society of Jesus from Marambadi used to help at Pasuvai. In 1884 Karur became a separate parish with Pasupathipalayam as head quarters and Chinna Dharapuram, Aravakuruchi and Venkitapuram as substations. In 1891 3.40 acres of land was bought by Fr.Ignatius, at the time of Bishop Joseph Bardou . In 1900 Kaikola Mudaliars from K.G. Valasu, Palayakottai and Komarapalayam came and settled at Karur town, on the Western banks of Amaravathi. The problem of crossing the river Amaravathi and due to the increase of Christian population, a church and a presbytery were built by Fr. C.S. Mariarokiam in 1930 at Karur and Pasuvai became a substation to Karur. In 1992 a Grotto of Our Lady of Vailankanni at the roadside was built. In 1996 Fr. M. Oubagaram built a new church and a Presbytery at Pasupathipalayam. At Puliyur a land was bought and Infant Jesus Shrine was started. On 01.06.1997 Pasupathypalayam became a separate parish and Fr. Simon Peter became the first parish priest. In the year 2000 and 2002 a separate building for the High School was constructed. In 2003 a flag post was built as a memorial of the Golden Jubilee of the school. In 2004 a new building of St. Mary’s Elementary School was constructed and at Nerur R.C Primary school, a drinking water tank, etc., were also constructed through the efforts of Fr. Simon Peter.

The school, at Pasuvai as an Elementary school was started by a Christian layman in 1954, was handed over to the Diocese in 1962 and since then, it had grown into a High School in 2000. The Infant Jesus Shrine, was a substation of Pasupathipalayam, but recently has been attached to Karur Parish. The Presentation sisters, had bought a large plot of land at Gandhi Gramam and have constructed a Girls Higher Secondary School (transferred from the original building at Karur) and a portion of that land was to be given to construct a church there and it is held up because of some dispute as to the exact location of that site.

A part of the land of 3.40 acres, has been under cultivation. Fr. M.M. Chinnayan, after Herculean efforts, freed the land from a tenant and planted 100 coconut trees and Fr. B. Ephrem planted another 150 coconut trees as a source of income to the parish.

Main Station

Distance from the Cathedral Church 140 KMs.

Total No. of Catholic Families in the Main Station : 100

No. of Catholics in the Main station : 500

Mass Timings

Weekdays : 6.3O a.m

Tuesday Novena to St. Antony

Wednesday Novena to Our Lady of Purpetual Succour

Thursday 6.15 p.m Rosary, Mass,

Novena to Infant Jesus

Sunday : 8.15 a.m

Religious Houses :

1. St. Anne’s Convent, Nerur

2. Presentation Convent

Diocesan Institutions :

1. St. Mary’s High School,

2. St. Mary’s R.C Elementary School

Religious Institution :

1. St. Theresa’s Hr.Sec.School

2. St. Anne’s Hospital, Nerur

Lay Associations :

1. Legion of Mary

2. Kolping

3. Altar Boys & Girls Association

4. Little Way Associattion

5. Vincent De Paul

6. Youth Association

PATRONAL FEAST Sunday after 16th July Our Lady of Mount Carmel


I. Nerur :

Distance - 1 2 Kms.

Families - 60

No. of Catholics - 250

Mass Timing - 6.45 p.m (Sundays)

Lay Association :

1. Legion of Mary

2. Altar Boys and Girls Association

3. Youth Association

4. Kolping

5. Vincent De Paul Society

Religious Institution :

1 .St. Anne’s Hospital

2 Tailoring Institute

3 .Typewritting Institute

2. Theresa Nagar :

Distance - 3 Kms.

Families - 15

No. of Catholics - 50

Mass Timings - Sunday 6.30 a.m

Lay Association

1. Legion of Mary

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