Annai Velankanni Church, Selvapuram

Annai Velankanni Church, Selvapuram

Church Location

Rev. Fr. J. Patrick Iruthayaraj - The Parish Priest, Annai Velankanni Church, OPP.Telungupalayam Vaithiyasallai, Kumarapalayam Post, Selvapuram, Coimbatore- 641 026.


This area west of Coimbatore , on the Perur Road, a vast sea jf rich agricultural land till 1950’s. But due to the natural but Forced growth and extension of the city of Coimbatore, housing Colonies and residential areas started mushrooming, inspite of acing valuable agricultural lands, fed with water of River Noyal as well as the large water tank, Muthannan Kulam. Such was the demand for Housing over-riding the importance of Agriculture! Number of Catholics also started settling down in this area which For thousands of years was without any Christian presence, Perur, being one of the ancient centers of Saivism from Sangam Age!

A plot of land was bought, but not on the main Road but rather deep in the interior by Bishop Savarimuthu. After searching in vain for a more convenient but more conspicuous site on the main road, Bishop Visuvasam agreed for the construction of the temporary multipurpose building there in honour of Our Lady of Vellankanni and blessed it on 31-12-1976. As the population increased, a larger site on the main road was purchased and the foundation for the new church was blessed by Bishop Ambrose. The church was blessed on 04-09-2004 by Bishop Thomas Aquinas. It is a novel modern church, as it has a land-level hail (not a crypt) and the church above it, to be rcached by steps! Fr. Alexander Selvanayagam was responsible for its construction. The Peculiarity of this substation is that, though it was part of R.S.Puram, as a matter of fact, the Principals of Carmel Garden Matriculation School were in charge of this place. Fr. Joseph Felix was the main instrument for the buying of thilsand and starting the constructions

1. Vedapatty :

This coiony of new converts of Adi Dravidas, was the missionary fruit of Fr. Chervier who worked among them between 1932 to 1934 from Kattoor. Many Adi Dravidas were converted and a large plot of land was acquired at Vedapatti by the Diocese. A Chapel in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes was constructed with a generous donation of Mr. Thangapragasam Pillai in October 1938, and was blessed by Very Rev. Fr. Bechu, the Vicar Capitular on 29th December, 1938, (Cfr. Bechu : p. 80) During Bishop Visuvasam’s time the large vacant land behind the Chapel, became an income producing scheme of his, by building 6 large Godowns making use of the Government scheme at that time promulgated, by which a substantial amount was taken from the Government as loan with a grant of Subsidy and the Godowns leased for rentals and the loan was paid back, before his death. Thereafter it had been a source of tidy income to the Diocese! Bishop Visuvasam, when he blessed and opened in the Godowns, named them as St. Joseph’s Granaries, since these buildings were then, sought by the Government to store food-grains as stock. (In his own inimitable way he was also referring to the historical granaries that Joseph of the Old Testament built in Egypt nearly 3500 years ago), Fr. John Bosco, the builder of Chruches and Chapels, wherever he was the Parish Priest this seems to be his special “Charism”, built a small but modern chapel, blessed by Bishop Ambrose on 7.3.1983. The F.M.M. Sisters were the “Apostles” of this new convert center from its inception, with their weekly visits and Catechizing and helping them, esp. Sr. Faustina F.M.M. who was fondly called as the ‘Mother Vedapatty’

2. Puluvapatty :

(Ceylon Tamil Reugees Camp ) is attached to this parish and every Tuesday mass is celebrated at. 6.00 p.m.

Main Station

Distance from the cathedral church : 8 K.Ms

Total No. of Catholic Families both in the Main & in the sub - Station : 175

Total No. of catholic families in the Main station : 90

Total number of Catholics : 710

Mass Timings

Sat 6.00 p.m & Sun 8.00 a.m

Sub Staions

1. Vedapatti :

Distance - 10 K.Ms

Families - 85

No. of Catholics - 450

Mass Timings - Thu 6.30 p.m & Sun 10.00 a.m

2. Puluvapatty :

Tuesday mass is celebrated at. 6.00 p.m.

Pastoral Feast: September 8th

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