St. Theresa’s Church, Kolapalur

St. Theresa’s Church, Kolapalur

Church Location

Rev. Fr. David Alexander - The Parish Priest & Correspondent, St. Theresa’s Church, G.D. Road, Kolapalur, Erode - 638 456.


Though the name of Kolappalur, finds a place only from 1904 IN OUR RECORDS, its substations, Akkarrai Palayam, Kavundenpalayam and Kuthiraikalpalayam are some of the first Christian seitlements of the Diocese. At Kuthiraikalpalayam unfortunately the Christians had deserted the village long ago Kavundenpalayam and Akkaraipalayam have some Christians, converted by the first Jesuit Missionaries of Sathyamangalam Mission, in 1650. They were looked after from the residence of Sathy first, and from 1666 onwards by Kanuvakarai. They would surely have undergone all the trials of the Sathy Mission in those early years. When Kanuvakarai itself was abandoned, these villages must have been under Kodiveri, till 1845. After Coimbatore Vicariate-apostolic was borhin 1845, in the Statistics of 1859 we find Kuthiraikalpalayam : 55 Christians and Chapel Kavundenpalayam: 110 Christians and Chapel; Kottampalayam: 120 Christians and Chapel, Koppipalayam 85 Christians and Chapel; Valiyam Palayam 70 Christians no Chapel. These are all old Christianities (Kaikolar Christians) the fruit of the first missionary endeavors of Sathy Jesuit Mission. In the begining of the 20th Century, a new mission “Ad paganos” was planned and Kolapalur, though without any Christians in the Village, was chosen to be the center for this new venture, targeting the depressed classes (Adi Dravidar) for the new missionary efforts,, in-sharp contrast to the Jesuit missionaries, who were chiefly concentrating on higher Sudra castes. It was chosen as a Residence more because of its central location by Fr. Tignous.

Fr. Tignous built a nice presbytery in 1904 and a small shed was put up and used as a church, as well as a school. Later Mass was celebrated on the Veranda of the Presbytery. Everyone wduld be surprised that such a large, comfortable presbytery with high ceiling etc., was built at this place, where ho• Christian was to be found except the few old Christians of Akkaraipalayam etc. The missIonary is reported to have given the justification for such a presbytery: “The missionaries here will have to travel to many interior and far flung villages, even for days together, without any conveniences, as part of such missionary journeys in all directions, as far as Avinashi, Merkupathy (now Mariapuram) Pappankulam, Cheyyur, Udaya Goundanpalayam, Karattadi etc. So when they come back after such arduous trips, they must have a comfortable place to take rest and recoup their strength for further journeys. But for unlcnown reasons, though it became a Parish in 1904 the actual realization of the missionary dream was realized only in 1 930s, when Fr. Chervier and then Fr. Audiou started the actual conversion work in earnest. Between 1934 -40 about 500 were converted. Fr Audiou built the Church in honour of St. Theresa of Child Jeaus, the patroness of the Mission in 1938. An Elementary School was starte&in 1921; in 1940, it was raised to a Higher Elementary School by the efforts of Fr. Audiou. Fr. L. Anthonisamy (1942-46) trained by these two missionaries, continued the conversion work at Karattadi, Mariapuram etc; healso converted sOme Valaya families at Kalliampudur. He started an Elementary School there and Fr. Marianathar raised it to a Higher Elementary Schdol. The Golden lubilee of the Church was celebrated on 9- 10-1998 and as a memorial, a Grotto of Our Lady of Valankanni was constructed. A chapel was blessed on 28-11987 a Kavundanpalayam. Bishop Ambrose blessed a new building for the Elementary School on. 27 - 9 2000 and another new building for High School in 2001 built by the efforts of Fr. Maria Joseph. The church was renovated and Consecrated and a separatc Bell - Tower was blessed by Bishop Ambrose 21-102001. Bishop Thomas Aquinas blessed the Grotto of Annai Valankani, on the roadside on 26 - 10 - 2003.A new Congregation of the Sisters of Charles Borromeo, had been invited and have opened a convent at Kolappalur, by Bishop Thomas Aquinas. Fr. Manthara had started a work-shed to help the weavers. Fr. Louis repaired the old presbtery Earlier Fr. Marianathar from Gobi started the High School at Kolappalur,in a cinçma Theater, converted into a school building.

Main Stalon

Distance from the Cathedral Church : 75 K.Ms.

Total No. of Catholic Families both in the Main & Sub- Stations : 38

Total No. of Catholic Families in the Main Station : 10

No. of Catholics in the Main station : 25

Mass Timings

Weekdays : Mon & Fri : 6.30 a.m

Tue, & Sat : 5.30

Sundays : 7.45 a.m

Religious Houses

1. Charles Borromeo 04285 - 255450

Diocesan Institutions :

1. St. Mary’s High School 04285 - 255139

2. St. Mary’s Primary School 04285 - 255139

Patronal. Feast : Theresa of Child Jesus


1. Akkaraipalaym

Distance - 4K.Ms

Families - 18

No. of Catholics - 49

Mass Timings - Thur7.OOp.m

2. Goundanipalayam

Distance - 2K.Ms

Families - 10

No. of Catholics - 21

Mass Timings - Wed 7.00 p.m

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