St. Peter & Paul Church, Valipalayam

St. Peter & Paul Church, Valipalayam

Church Location

Parish Priest : Rev. Fr. Valipalayam


The Parish Priest, St. Peter & Paul Church, Valipalayam, Via Sathy – 638 402.


This is also an ancient Christianity, the original settlers were Okkiliars (also known as oil- merchants) a Kannada speaking castç. They were from Kuthalathur, where some of them were baptized by Fr. Amadio S.J about 1670. As they increased in number, they migiatéd to Erakalipalayain near Puliampatty and settled down there. From Erakalipalyam, they migrated to Valipalayam and settled down. Nothing is known about the ancient Erakalipalayam. That the Okkiliya Gounders were the first inhabitants of Valipalyam, is proved by the fact that the Maniyakaran even today is an Okkiliar. From here, some of the Oldciliars had migrated and settled down at Kothamangalam; Since their numbers decreased they invited some Christian families of Thevars from Pallapalyam to come and settle down here fo agricultural purposes. The Jenzits who started Satyamangalam mission evangelized the surrounding areas and already by 1650 Madhapalayam (now a sub-station of Valipalayam) finds mention as a catholic village. Valipalayam as a catholic village is mentioned in 1666, as a sub - station of the then newly formed Kanuvakarai Mission district. Fr Bigot-Beauclair and Pacreau visited it between 1837 and 1841. There was a small church built and kept looked after by a good Christian Sinnappan. This parish was established in 1886. Fr. Le Bonzec built the old church now used as a school in 1909. A new spacious church was later on built. This is one of the oldest Parishes of the diocese Fr. Le Bonzec died here on 10.05.1926 and is buried here. In th year 2000 1 .SAcre of land was bought at Annurfor the mission. This is situated on Avinasi to Annur road at Nagammapudur. This ancient parish has the special distinction of having both the first Head-quarters of the. Sathyamangalam Jesuit Mission within its perish boundary now. Sathyamangalam itself, though it belongs to Ooty diocese, because of the River Bhavani running in the middle of the town, the southern part, called Ranga Samuthiram, juridically belongs to Coimbator Diocese. Infact, because of jurisdiction theCatholics on Southern bank, go to Valipalayam, for marriage purposes, though for the reception of the other sacraments, they go to the parish church, situated on the Northern Side ( Ooty diocese). The Second Head quarters of Sathy mission, was the ancient village of Kanuvakarai, about 8 K.m from Puliampatty, though long ago, every trace of Christianity has disappeared from there: Still History will always remember it as the second, cradle of Christianity of Coimbatore. ‘Madhapalayam more ancient thçn Valipalayam is a small sub-station, though it was the se4t of a flourishing Christianity of Devangars in 1645. Most of them had to migrate in the 1 fl0s to Bombay due to economic reasons. They are attached to their place of origin and every year faithfully they help Mathapalayam.

Former parish priests :

FR. D. M Antoriy Nathar (1940-43 ); he raised the Elementary School to a 1-ligher Elementary School. He encouraged mahy to go for higher studies to join’ the Seminary and the Religiou Congregatidn. Fr. A. Chinnaswámy (1943- 47); he built a chapel at Komarapalayârn. Fr. T.C. Adaikalam (1947- 50). Fr.James Savarimuthu(1950’ 52); he paved the roofing with decorated tiles. Fr. M. Irudayam (1952-57); he entrusted the schoolto th Presentation Congregation and built a convent for them. Fr. Louis Pitchai (1957-1965); he bought a bell for the church costing Rs.l200.

Sub-stations :

1. Mathapalayam :

Most probably the first Christian Village of Devangers converted by Fr. de Costa himself in 1643. There must have been a small’ chape] of thatched roofing with mud walls as it was the, custom then,. by 1645. ‘These Catholics would have under gone all the earl persecutions by the yogis, especially the caste excommunication. Botk during the Mysore invasion and the war between Mysore and Madura, they would have fled to the near by mountains along with,thc missionaries. Later by 1680, some of them would have migrated soutiD to Kamiur (the present Kaniur, 3 kms from Karumathampatty) and From there spread to other Christian villages of Karumathampatty area. Their chapel would have been destroyed many times, especially by Tippu’s soldiers. Fr. Dub ouis MEP in 1803 would have visited them from Kodivery. Fr. Bigot-Beauclair in 1837 had visite Valipalayam near by and he had praised the piety and the faith of the Catholics here. It was part of Kodivery Residence with Fr. Lefeuvre as parish priest in 1859 with 35 Catholics. So the chapel there would have been built after that. There was a chapel in hanour of Our Lady of Good Health. During the time of Fr. Louis Pitchai a new chapel was erected at a cost of Rs. 15,000 with donations from the Catholics who had migrated to Bombay through the efforts of Fr. M. S. Rayyer and with the contribution of the diocese. It was blessed by Mgr. A. Joseph on 12.9.64. The tn- centenary of the Christianity w celebrated on a grand scale by the Catholics of Bombay whole al came in hundreds in 2000.

2. Puliampatty :

Puliampatty is the economic and business center for this whole area but it had no Christian presence till recent times. As Christians began to settle here, a need for a church was felt. Bishop Visuvasam arranged to buy a plot of land on the main road. A beautiful modern church was built by Fr. M.S Michael and consecrated by Bishop Ambrose. Bishop Visuvasam had a peculiar idea to set up the Cross on hill-tops wherever possible, to herald the Christian faith, i imitation of the various Hindu temples adorning the hill-tops. Fr M.S. Michael took up this idea and set up a Cross on the near b hillock but unfortunately the local Hindus opposed this move, hence his enterprise came to naught.

Main Station

Distance from the Cathedral Church : 70 Kms

Total No. of Catholic Families both in the Main & Sub - Stations : 167

Total No. of Catholic Families in the MainStation : 60

No. of Catholics in the Main station : 185

Mass Timings

Weekdays : Mon to Sat 6.30 p.m

Thu 6.30 a.m

Sundays : 7.30 a.m

Religious House :

1 .Presentation Convent 04295 - 263048

Religious Institution :

1. R.C High School ofPresentation Sjsters 04295 - 263048 (Con)

Lay Association :

1. Legion of Mary

Patronal Feast : Peter & Paul {June 29th }


1. PunjaiPuliampatti

Distance - 8 Kms.

Families - 75

No. of Catholics - 237

Mass Timings - Tue 5.30 p.m & Sun 9.30 a.m

Lay Associations - 1. Legion of Mary

2. Annur

Distance 25 Kms.

Families - 32

No. of Catholics - 124

Mass Timings - Sunday 4.30 p.m

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