"Dear friends, hearty welcome to you from the Bishop, Clergy, religious and Laity of the diocese of Coimbatore."Our diocese is a 150-year old urban diocese covering 30,000 sq. kms., comprising four civil districts, i.e., Coimbatore, Erode, part of Trichy and Palghat with Coimbatore as its head quarters. The languages spoken by our people are Tamil, Malayalarn, Telugu, Kannada and English.

We take pride in introducing our city of Coimbatore to you all. There is no gainsaying that Coimbatore is the "jewel" of Tamilnadu and it is the second largest city in Tamilnadu. It is popularly known as the textile capital of South India or the Manchester of the South. Located in the shadow of the Western Ghats, Coimbatore enjoys a very pleasant climate the year round, aided by the fresh breeze that flows in through the 2 kms long Palghat gap. Nature has contributed to Coimbatore's flourishing agriculture industry and, it is in fact the successful growth of cotton that served as a base for the establishment of its famous textile industry. Coimbatore serves as an entry and exit point to neighbouring Kerala and the ever-popular hill station of Nilgiris.

In spite of its industrial and technological growth, traditions and long cherished customs are still held in high esteem. The churches, temples, mandhirs and mosques bear witness to the religiosity of the people. Coimbatore, the entrepreneurs dream, remains a city where age-old customs still flourish, where family bonds are strong and the fusion of tradition and modernity remain the secret of the city's success.

Hence our beloved guests, our diocese enjoys the abundant blessings of God. Though our diocese had a humble beginning, all these years we have grown in all spheres especially spiritual, pastoral, educational, political and economical. As Coimbatore diocesans we gladly invite you to our website to thank the Almighty, the Giver of all gifts along with us for all he had done to us. We appreciate your interest in knowing about our diocese. May God bless you, your family, friends, relatives and your endeavors. Wishing you all the best.

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