Identity Statistics

Identity Statistics

ProvinceChennai - Mylapore
OrdinaryMost Rev. Dr. L. Thomas Aquinas, D.D., D.C.L,
AddressBishop's House, Post Box No.6, Coimbatore 641 001, Tamil Nadu, South India.
Telephone0422 - 2390430, 0422 - 2382806
Fax0422 - 2394530
E-Mail[email protected]

Members of the college of the consult:

Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Aquinas, Bishop of Coimbatore
Msgr. Fr. John Joseph Stanis- Vicar General
Rev. Fr. V. Arun - Procurator
Rev. Fr. P. Melchoir - Chancellor
Rev. Fr. M. George Dhanasekar - Vicar Forane - Coimbatore Vicariate
Rev. Fr. S. Joseph David - Vicar Forane - Mettupalayam Vicariate
Rev. Fr. K. Arun - Vicar Forane - Karumathampatti Vicariate
Rev. Fr. Stephen Arokiaraj - Vicar Forane - Erode Vicariate
Rev. Fr. Kanagaraj - Vicar Forane - Dharapuram vicariate
Rev. Fr. I. Jacob - Vicar Forane - Pollachi Vicariate
Rev. Fr. Jacob
Rev. Fr. Joe Francis
Rev. Fr. John Paul Vincent

Members of the Financial Committee:

Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Aquinas - The Bishop
V. Rev. Msgr. John Joseph Stanis- Vicar General
Rev.Fr. V. Arun - Financial Administrator
Rev. Fr. Jacob - Member
Rev. Fr. Albert Nelson - Member
Rev. Fr. John Xavier Kulandai - Member
Rev. Fr. A. Maria Joseph - Member
Rev. Fr. Lourdu Alexis - Member Rev. Fr. Maria Soosai Arokianathan - Member
Mr. Augustine - R.S. Puram - Member
Mr. Paul Cruz - Cathedral - Member


Area of the Territory :

a) in square Kilometers...28,490 Sq.Kms.
b) in square miles...11,000.
Total Population...4, 224,107 Catholics...250139. .
Total No. of Parishes...70 (Under Diocesan Clergy-65, Under Religious-4) No. of Substations 129
Total No. of Diocesan Priests...125 (resident in the diocese-118, elsewhere in the country-1, resident abroad- 6)
Professed non-priest religious-8 (pontifical-6, diocesan-2)
Professed Women Religious- 686.
Training centers for candidates for the priesthood in the diocesan clergy - 2 (for secondary school - 1, for philosophy & theology - 1)
Training centers for candidates for the priesthood in the religious clergy - 4 (for secondary school students)
No. of Educational Institutions in the diocese - 117. No. of Students in the Institutions - 80,429
No. of Charitable Institutions in the Diocese - 171.
Hospitals - 7, Dispensaries - 20, Leprosaria - 1, Homes for the Old, chronically ill, invalids & handicapped - 12, Orphanages and other child welfares - 12, Nurseries - 5, Matrimonial advise centers and centers for protection of life-4, Special center for social education or re-education - 22, Mother, Child health program, women development, self employment Christian children fund - 89.

Director of the Pastoral Centre & Coordinator of all commissions:

Fr. D. Antony Jesuraj

Secretaries for various pastoral commissions:

S.NoCommissiomsSecretaryContact Number
1Anbiyam, Laity, Holy ChildhoodFr. Thadeaus Amaldass95663 50613
2BibleFr. C. Lawrence9442339360
3Catechism, Evangelization, Social CommunicationsFr. Thadeaus Amaldass95663 50613
4Priests' CouncilFr. Edward94426 50520
5ClergyFr. S. Amalraj94429 18666
6CommunicationsFr. Thadeaus Amaldass95663 50613
7EcumenismFr. Dhanaraj94439 93024
8EducationFr. A. Maria Joseph99425 76432
FamilyFr. George Rosario99941 59847
10LabourFr. A. Sundarraj94478 39591
11Legal CellFr. Dhanasekar98422 19011
12LiturgyFr. Sudhakar97917 15645
13Pious AssociationsFr. P. Maria Joseph94430 64170
14Prayer GroupsFr. Antony Selvaraj88839 55440
15Prison MinistryFr. Lourdu Alexis Xavier94881 74899
16YouthFr. Christopher Roach94893 66962
17VocationFr. S. Amalraj (Rector)94429 18666
18Peace / Justice SC/ST, HealthFr. Jegan CMSSS94431 39152
19WomenSr. Amala George95241 34131
YCS/YSMFr. Anony Jesuraj94883 32794

The Members of the Senate :

Ex - Officio Members

Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Aquinas, Bishop of Coimbatore

Secretary of the Senate of Priests : Rev. Fr. Antony Selvaraj

1. V. Rev. Fr. John Joseph - Vicar General
2. Rev. Fr. V Arun - Procurator
3. Rev. Fr. Melchoir - Chancellor
4. Rev. Fr. George Dhanasekar - VF of Coimbatore vicariate
5. Rev. Fr. Kanagaraj - VF of Dharapuram Vicariate
6. Rev. Fr. Stephen Arokiaraj - VF of Erode Vicariate
7. Rev. Fr. I. Jacob - VF of Pollachi Vicariate
8. Rev. Fr. Joseph David - VF of Mettupalayam Vicariate
9. Rev. Fr. K. Arun - VF of Karumathampatti Vicariate
10. Rev. Fr. D. Antony Jesuraj - Pastoral Center Director

Elected Members

1. Rev. Fr. Ephrem
2. Rev. Fr. Amalraj
3. Rev. Fr. Kulandairaj
4. Rev. Fr. Jacob
5. Rev. Fr. George Sagayaraj
6. Rev. Fr. Joe Francis
7. Rev. Fr. Henry Antony
8. Rev. Fr. Sebastian Durai
9. Rev. Fr. Rozario Vinoth
10. Rev. Fr. Anand Kumar
11. Rev. Fr. A. Maria Joseph

Nominated Members

1. Rev. Fr. Maria Irudayanathan
2. Rev. Fr. Melchior
3. Rev. Fr. Dhanasekar
4. Rev. Fr. John Paul Vincent
5. Rev. Fr. Maria Soosai Arokianathan

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