Diocesan Pastoral Center, Jeeva Jothi

Diocesan Pastoral Center, Jeeva Jothi


In order to foster the Renewal of the Church in the Diocese of Coimbatore, according to the clarion call given by the 2nd Vatican Council, the Late Rev. Dr. C.M. Visuvasam, Bishop of Coimbatore (1972-1979), with his acumen and foresight, inaugurated the diocesan pastoral Centre on the 15th November 1973, with 10 commissions functioning under temporary rules. Rev. Fr.Ephraem was appointed as the General and Co-coordinating Secretary. The next two years saw the birth of 4 more commissions to keep up with the parallel commissions of the set up of TNBC,14 in all. As a fruit of combined study and discussion, the statutes of the pastoral center was canonically approved and promulgated by the Late Visuvasam on the 16th September 1977 ( Ref. No. 700A/77 RD14(68)).

Purpose :
The Centre is an organization in which the clergy-diocesan & religious, Brothers and Sisters, and the Laity, conscious of their unity and co-responsibility with their Bishop, cooperate with him in the exercise of his pastoral service of his pastoral service to extend the Kingdom of God.

Aim : UNITY, WITNESS & SERVICE according the Directives of Vat II.

To achieve this aim, the following 26 Diocesan Commissions are :

1. Diocesan Pastoral Centre Director & Co-ordinator: Fr. Selvaraj
2. Evangelization - Fr. Selvaraj
3. Catechism & Moral Science- Fr. Selvaraj
4. Social Communications - Fr.Thadeaus Amaldass
5. Clergy - Fr. D. Arokiasamy
6. Peace & Justice – Fr Arun Gnanaprakasam
7. SC & ST - Fr. Arun Gnanaprakasam
8. Education – Fr Maria Joseph
9. Prison Ministry - Fr. Lourdu Alexis Xavier
10. Vocation - Fr. D. Arokiasamy
11. Liturgy – Fr. Selvaraj
12. Bible - Fr. C. Lawrence
13. Ecumenism and Dialogue – Fr. A.M. Joseph Dhanraj
14. Youth - Fr. Kirubakaranathan
15. Labour – Fr. Philip
16. Family - Fr. Selvaraj
17. Legal Cell - Fr. Selvaraj
18. Pious Associations - Fr. D. Arokiasamy
19. Prayer Groups – Fr. Xavier Claudius
20. Basic Christian Community - Fr. Selvaraj
21. YCS & YSM - Fr. Selvaraj
22. Laity Council – Fr. Selvaraj
23. Health: Fr. Selvaraj
24. Regional Director of Missions - Fr. Selvaraj
25. Women – Sr. Maria Jose Pemela
26. Holy Childhood - Fr. Selvaraj

Jeeva Jothi Ashram :

A movement of the diocese of coimbatore envisioned by Late Bishop C.M.Visuvasam to put up all commissions under one roof.The symbolic meaning of the name is ' House of life giving Light ' Which is christ Himself. Training Program, Leadership camps, Retreats and Camps,are conducted here.

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